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9 August 2021 – Open Government Partnership Development Workshop 1


Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Representatives from civil society organisations

Agencies’ representatives

Topics for discussion

  • Theming of ideas received during the ideas gathering phase of the 4th National Action Plan (NAP4) 
  • Material provided: 
  • Draft spreadsheet with initial analysis breaking down to 10 “sub-themes” 
  • Related ideas under each as prompts for discussions 



  • Table groups discussed each sub-theme in detail, and captured observations on A3 templates regarding opportunities, possible focus areas, impact and potential to progress
  • Participation had three table sessions due to the volume of ideas. The others each had one discussion each
  • Groups also sketched a visual representation how they saw the themes, key players and concepts interacting

End of session reflection

  • Despite NZ being an advanced democracy there are still foundational things that need addressing, including how we embed the Public Service Act 2020
  • NAP4 should have at least two “stretch goals”, and some foundational commitments   
  • There is an opportunity for Open Government Partnership (OGP) to be an “innovation lab” 
  • Sense the session was successful, a good first step towards achieving our shared goals 
  • Opportunity to learn from OGP UK 
  • Challenge to see government moving from consultation to participation 
  • Opportunity to change the language and expectation about how this is done
  • OGP NZ roadmap needed