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8 August 2018 – Expert Advisory Panel meeting: minutes

Expert Advisory Panel and Officials Group


Date / time: Wednesday 8 August 2018, 9:00am-12:00 noon

Venue: Beeby Room Level 10, The Reserve Bank Building

Expert Advisory Panel attendees: Anaru Fraser, Phil Newman, Rachel Roberts, Suzanne Snively, (Scott Miller video-conferenced in for part of the Meeting)

State Services Commission Officials: Amy Allison, Larry Fergusson, Morag McConville, Helen Moody

State Services Commission Chair: Catherine Williams, Acting Deputy Commissioner Integrity, Ethics & Standards (part of the Meeting)


Agenda & Topics

1. Pre-meeting Discussion

The EAP had a preliminary discussion before they were joined by the Chair and the Associate Minister for State Services (Open Government) (the Associate Minister).

2. Discussion with Associate Minister of State Services (Open Government)

Catherine welcomed the Associate Minister and introduced the members of the EAP. The Associate Minister discussed her intention to develop an Open Government Strategy. Her intent to do this with civil society and a discussion on the purpose, possible content and engagement processes followed. The discussion included the possibility of EAP members’ assisting the Associate Minister, in particular with the engagement aspects of developing the proposed Strategy. The discussion included comment (favourable) on the process for development of the National Action Plan 2018-20. The Minister departed at approximately 10:30am.

3. Discussion with OGP IRM Researcher Keitha Booth

Keitha Booth joined the meeting. She outlined her role in the development of the End-term IRM Report. She had a series of matters to discuss with the EAP and worked through these in discussion with the members.

4. Tbilisi, Georgia OGP Summit

Scott Miller joined the meeting virtually to provide observations on the Tbilisi OGP Summit. Anaru had also attended the Summit. It was noted that OGP seems to be moving towards a human rights approach, at least among a majority of member states. In addition to data requirements, other areas such as inequality, women, youth and indigenous peoples’ rights are coming through as priorities, which will contextualise the Canadian OGP Summit next year.

5. Draft NAP 2018-20

There was a brief discussion on the shaping of the third Plan and the process for finalising it.


8 August 2018 – Expert Advisory Panel meeting: minutes