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16 May 2018 - Expert Advisory Panel meeting: minutes

Expert Advisory Panel


Date / time: Wednesday 16th May 2018, 9:30am-12:00am

Venue: State Services Commission

Expert Advisory Panel attendees: Anaru Fraser, Scott Miller, Phil Newman, Rachel Roberts

State Services Commission Chair: Catherine Williams, Acting Deputy Commissioner Integrity, Ethics & Standards


Agenda & Topics

1. Welcome and Introductions

Catherine was required to attend a Minister’s meeting so arrived late. Larry Fergusson chaired the meeting in her absence. Anaru Fraser was welcomed to the meeting and to the EAP.

2. Minutes of 18 April Meeting

The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed. There were no matters arising A Draft of the EAP Biographies was handed out for consideration and feedback to Larry. The intent was that the Bios will be published on the website once agreed.

3. NAP 2016-18 – Discussion on Commitments 7 - DPMC

Following the discussion at the previous meeting and subsequent e-mail request to the EAP, Diane Owenga and Melita Glasgow from the DPMC Policy Project attended to receive feedback from the EAP on a series of questions they had raised with respect to the initial four Policy Methods Toolbox entries.

The EAP considered the Policy Methods Toolbox fit-for-purpose in terms of improving the knowledge of tools and techniques policy makers can use to create more open and user-led policy. However, the EAP noted the need for a further step around collaboratively developing a process or standards for public participation in developing future policy. The EAP thought this recommendation could be considered as part of the process for developing the next OGP action plan.

4. OGP 2018-20 National Action Plan Engagement Process

Catherine joined the meeting and together with Larry and Amy provided an update on the process to date and on the forthcoming workshops.

EAP members indicated their willingness to attend if possible and to encourage participation through their networks.


16 May 2018 - Expert Advisory Panel meeting: minutes