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5 June 2018 - Themes Workshop Joint EAP&OG meeting: appendix 2

Appendix 2 – Themes and Ideas

OGP Third National Action Plan

Ideas generated thorough online engagement and workshops

Draft as at 6 June 2018




We should be using technology to rate the performance of landlords and rental housing

There is no transparency for renters

Child and Wellbeing areas should be a priority


Housing is a priority


Modernise defence capabilities as a priority


Infrastructure and Public Transport are priorities


It would be great to see you all living off the same wages you set for the rest of the country. I believe that will help you tremendously with your policymaking for living wages, minimum wages and benefit settings, renting, housing issues, education costs and general day to day living


Wages need to move into the real world. You now have too many families with both parents working sleeping in their vans at night because rentals are too dear.


The whole culture of WINZ needs an overhaul. Serious human rights issues here.


Fix up our mental Health issues & increase funding for better wages for mental health supports. Next thing they will be requiring support.


Disability support in the home


New Zealand needs to change draconian drug laws and stop putting substance users in prison. More funding is required for treatment urgently, waiting 6 months or more for residential options and why are there not more drug courts. Substance abuse needs to be a health issue not a criminal one and stop spending billions every year in a failed and pointless war on drugs


Drop the dumping fee so we don't have people dumping their sh*t in our waters please


School children in NZ should learn te Reo. Right now te reo used in school is very basic. Around 80 per cent of teachers used te reo for greetings and farewells, and instructions.


More effective communication about housing


Being a financial adviser for nearly 20 years, I found a lot of clients although well-educated and have well paid job, but their financial aren't sound. Some found them stuck in their day job and want the options, some even don't have their own home. When we took our client through the journey, they often told us they couldn't imagine that they could achieve what they achieve. I found that if the home ownership is what we want the nation to improve, why not start when they are in school, perhaps at intermediate age. Having this goal in mind, we should then reduce the consume debt as the people would have an ultimate goal and would behave at present instead letting themselves go, spending money on what they don’t need.


The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide the only framework for global thinking about the interrelationship between the environmental crisis that is becoming exponentially more serious and people's efforts to improve conditions across a range of measures which include- social, environmental, economic and intuition building, peace and justice.  There is also a specific action related to building international partnerships. NZ should report on the policies it is implementing as they relate to the SDG's which many in civil society are seeking to implement.

This idea was subsequently moved to Theme 3, following discussion at the Synthesis Workshop 2 July 2018

Balancing the budget


Changing the oppositional culture and systems of parliament to cooperative problem solving

People model the behaviour of leaders

The current Auckland Council Super City has major governance and operational effectiveness difficulties because of its sheer size, lack of connection between its various components, the inability of the governing Council to effectively control its CCO activities, lack of local community decision making ability or effective input, and an overall lack of accountability both internally and externally. It is in the light of seven years of actual experience, the structure is not working well, and is not fit for purpose, and needs a full review and overhaul.


We should be taxing these to decrease damage to the environment and promotion on environment friendly vehicles.


We need to spread the economic benefits and reduce the pressure on housing, transport and services by incentivising businesses to move out of Auckland. People should be able to work to support themselves, not pay all of their money in high rents and travel costs with nothing left over.


The curriculum is very crowded. There is less and less time spent on the arts. The arts are important to; grow well rounded people who can use both sides of their brains. The arts are also career choices which we don't have much opportunity to follow, study or be assessed on.


The way you frame your thoughts effects everything you do and everything you can do. Young people struggle with this more than any other group. We need to focus on health and wellbeing – that gives a good base for students to learn and achieve.


When new towns and communities are built more things need to be taken into account like where jobs are, what is available for refugees and housing – all different types. The social aspects of urban planning and major developments needs to improve.


dhbS/Transport/Social development/Housing should all fund projects on transport that is sustainable accessible and affordable

Transport is central to wellbeing, access to economic activities, connect peoples and is essential to urban design and planning

Redevelop current orientation of education

We have lots of data unused and many unemployed young or women

One card for all buses, cycle share and train

I use my card or phone to take the bus in Christchurch, then use it in Dunedin. Maybe a national entity for a ticketry, for bus first then link to other modes

Sustainability needs to be our core foundation because short interim solutions with no forward thinking leads to a crossroad where the journey becomes stagnate

Explain, educate, reinforce sustainability as a key outcome and show what that may look like through collaboration

Generational success planning for creating new jobs

There is not a plan in place that is looking at this

Mana Wahine women in work, generational inclusion of young women for specific regions

60% Maori women are occupying Wiri prison. Pacific 13%, is rising

Living wage is important

Wages don't match the high living standards

Encouraging to upskill/educate should be one of the top priorities

Better education normally relates to better life

Waste recycling plant is important

Currently we have a plastic fantastic (not) space! Think green, clean NZ. What does this look like?

Public transportation is important. We need to plan to cater for rising population and need adequate infrastructure to cater for it


Environmental sustainability is important

Currently in the name of economic growth we compromise our environment

Green business and re-cycle & environment waste management plan for future

There is not a clear plan in place

Teach Te Reo at schools

It's NZ's national language and a second language helps brains

Report of employment conversation by Human Rights commission - 2 year programme


Less focus on getting students into university. Polytechnics where they can learn

After 5-6 years of uni a job is not guaranteed

Addiction should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue.

It disproportionately affects people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and perpetuates the cycle of poverty (and costs govt/taxpayer

Social enterprises - recognition, support, funding, legislate


Infrastructure planning is prioritised to reduce

Climate change impacts transport decisions

We need better rehabilitation prevention and support measures for those at risk of committing crime and those who have been in prison.

It costs taxpayers $100,000/yr. per prisoner and it is cheaper and more effective to invest in preventing offending and re-offending than overcrowd prisons

Agencies to work more collaboratively with the opposition to reduce workload and increase transparency


Dutch getting rid of referendums


We need online voting

Voter participation is too low

Fast track online voting to encourage people to vote and increase overall voting numbers


Financial literacy to all society groups so that wealth can be maximised particularly for lower sophistication Groups



5 June 2018 - Themes Workshop Joint EAP&OG meeting: appendix 2