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11 July 2018 – Joint Expert Advisory Panel and Officials Group meeting: minutes

Expert Advisory Panel and Officials Group


Date / time: Tuesday 11 July 2018, 10:00am-2:30pm

Venue: State Services Commission

Expert Advisory Panel attendees: Anaru Fraser, Scott Miller, Phil Newman, Rachel Roberts, Suzanne Snively (part of meeting)

State Services Commission Officials: Amy Allison, Larry Fergusson, Morag McConville, Helen Moody

State Services Commission Chair: Catherine Williams, Acting Deputy Commissioner Integrity, Ethics & Standards (part of the Meeting)


Agenda & Topics

1. Welcome and Introductions

Catherine welcomed the EAP and explained that officials would be joining the meeting at 10:30 to discuss the proposals for commitments in the draft National Action Plan 2018-20. The minutes of the meetings on 16 May and 5 June were approved.

2. Self-assessment for OGP 2016-2018 National Action Plan

Amy provided an update on the progress to date with the commitments in the National Action plan 2016-18 and on the completion of the end of term Self-assessment. With one exception (Commitment 1 - Open Budget) all milestones for all commitments were completed. One milestone was still in progress at the end of the term.

3. Joint EAP and Officials Session

Officials from Department of Internal Affairs, Stats NZ, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Ministry of Education, State Services Commission, Ministry of Justice joined the meeting.

Officials talked to the commitments they proposed and discussion ensued on the content of and approach to implementation of each proposal. The overall list of proposed commitments was confirmed (see attachment 1).

The need to tell a story about New Zealand’s unique context was agreed and it was noted this should address:

  • The key elements of diversity and inclusiveness – “the how” of implementation is important
  • How the NAP fitted in the overall open government landscape
  • Initiatives that were underway outside the Plan that responded to open government values and ideas proposed during the engagement process.
  • EAP challenged officials to stretch and be clear about the ambition for each Commitment and the difference it will make for New Zealanders.

4. Next steps

Officials from the lead agencies to further develop the proposed commitments in light of the discussion.

State Services Commission officials to contact the Office of the Clerk, Ministry for Youth Development, and Parliamentary Counsel Office to confirm the requirements for documenting their commitments.

SSC to prepare a first draft of the Plan and circulate it to the EAP and Officials for feedback and discussion at the EAP meeting on 8 August 2018.


Attachement 1:

Notes from OGP Workshop 11 July 2018

Content for the Next National Action Plan 2018-2020

Participation in democracy

  • Children and young people
    • Youth Parliament (MYD)
    • School Leavers’ Toolkit (MoE)
  • Engagement with Parliament (Office of the Clerk)
  • Access to legislation (PCO)

Collaboration to develop policy and services

  • Policy development (DPMC with potential case studies from MoE and MCH)
  • Digital service design (DIA)

Transparency and accountability

  • Official information
    • Proactive release of OIA responses (SSC)
    • OIA legislation (SSC/MoJ)
  • Data and information - stewardship and access
    • Open dataset of Government agencies (DIA)
    • Open dataset of government contracts (MBIE)
    • Algorithms (StatsNZ)
    • Stewardship of data (StatsNZ)
    • Trust in public records (DIA)

In addition to these proposed commitments, we would like to highlight the activities by the following agencies in an introductory section, highlighting the broader open government activity in NZ: MCH (broader work programme), MoJ (anti-corruption) and MBIE (beneficial interest register), StatsNZ (open data, Indicators Aotearoa), plus Treasury’s on-going work programme on open budgetting.


11 July 2018 – Joint Expert Advisory Panel and Officials Group meeting: minutes