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25 February 2019 – Expert Advisory Committee meeting: minutes

Expert Advisory Panel


Date / time: Monday 25 February 2019, 10:00am-12:00 noon

Venue: Dame Margaret Room, Level 10 Reserve Bank Building, 2 The Terrace

Expert Advisory Panel attendees: Phil Newman, Rachel Roberts, Suzanne Snively

State Services Commission Chair: Catherine Williams

State Services Commission Officials: Larry Fergusson, Morag McConville


Agenda & Topics

1. Welcome 

Catherine welcomed the members as they arrived. 

2. First Progress Report on National Action plan 2018-20

Larry reported briefly on the first set of Update Reports – commenting that we had asked agencies to indicate what they were doing and intended to do to engage with civil society in the implementation of the Milestones. Most had done so. The EAP pointed to the importance of using the Updates to tell the story of the Commitments both the process and the results they were building. Capturing voices from the engagement in the implementation would be a useful way of doing that.

3. EAP Refresh

The EAP agreed with the proposed approach and process and there was some discussion on the proposed skills matrix resulting in some reordering. SSC will now proceed to implement the process.

4. Reflections on the Past Year and General Commentary

The Group commented on the experience of engagement with the IRM process and the importance of ensuring the New Zealand’s context was understood. There was a concern that New Zealand was being ‘tested’ against a framework that did not adequately reflect its unique context. The Group discussed the importance of using the forthcoming visit from the OGP Support Group to make that point. It was agreed we should have a joint session with the delegation.

5. Next Steps

  • Publish Update Reports
  • Arrange session with OGP Delegation
  • Seek nomination for EAP


25 February 2019 – Expert Advisory Committee meeting: minutes