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15 November 2021 - Expert Advisory Panel Meeting


Members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission

Topics for discussion

  • Update on NAP3 self-assessment process
  • NAP4 “Roadmap”
  • Māori participation and diversity and inclusion in NAP4 process


Update on NAP3 self-assessment process

  • TKM extended a thank you to everyone for their considerable efforts getting the draft self-assessment published
  • EAP members and TKM agreed that TKM would finalise the self-assessment once public consultation closed without any further input from EAP, unless substantive changes were being proposed in the final version
  • The draft report from the independent reviewer is expected in early December, with a response from TKM likely to be required before the end of the year

Next steps for NAP4

  • First draft of roadmap focuses on developing a clear plan to deliver NAP4 by end of Aug 2022
  • Starting point for next phase is Minister’s agreement to progress all four of the proposed focus areas at this stage, with further advice to be provided in early 2022
  • We are seeking advice from Te Arawhiti as we develop the approach for creating commitments. Group agreed to progress this thinking with a small group (CSO representatives, a sub-set of EAP and government agency representatives) and to finalise an approach before end of 2021
  • We will also be talking with the relevant agencies around diversity and inclusion considerations in designing the process.
  • Need to keep the process moving forward and build on thinking and decisions that have already been worked through
  • TKM agreed to share links to publicly available Long-Term Insights Briefings that agencies are developing
  • EAP provided feedback on early thinking on elements that will need to be considered as we prioritise and triage ideas into commitments over the next few months
  • Criteria for assessing/rating possible commitments should be framed positively
  • Upcoming OGP Global Summit provides an opportunity to identify emerging opportunities and challenges