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Expert Advisory Panel

In 2016, the State Services Commission formed an Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) to work with government on New Zealand's Open Government Partnership (OGP) processes. The Terms of Reference for the EAP have been updated.

Terms of Reference for Expert Advisory Panel - September 2018

Ngā Uara: How Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission and the Expert Advisory Panel work together

The partnership between civil society and government is a critical component of the OGP. OGP's Participation and Co-creation Standards require that a multi-stakeholder forum is formed. The EAP functions as New Zealand's multi-stakeholder forum.

The EAP assists with development, implementation and evaluation of the commitments in New Zealand's National Action Plans and any other relevant OGP matters.


Following a request for nominations four new members have been appointed to the Expert Advisory Panel. The panel now consists of:

Name Term of appointment
Ms Suzanne Snively To 30 June 2023
Ms Rachel Roberts To 30 June 2023
Mr Farib Sos To 30 June 2023
Mr Simon Wright To 30 June 2023
Mr Sean Audain To 30 June 2022
Ms Sarah Colcord To 30 June 2023

Who are the Expert Advisory Panel members?

Meeting papers and updates

Summaries of Ad hoc Workshops