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29 November 2021 – Inter-Agency Meeting


Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission

Representatives from government agencies leading commitments under NAP3

Representatives from government agencies that may lead a commitment under NAP4

Topics for discussion

  • Check in on NAP4, including Minister Hipkins’ agreement to recommendations in Joint Report
  • Agency perspectives on NAP4 – opportunities and process to develop next plan


  • Discussion of NAP4 – how are we approaching the development of the plan and what might be some opportunities to deepen our collaboration?
  • Te Kawa Mataaho updated the group on how the 1500 ideas had been grouped under themes
  • Group provided some suggestions about working together – e.g. by sharing information about stakeholder engagement mapping and mechanisms through which we could engage within and across agencies
  • Group discussed feedback on Joint Report (which has been proactively released on OGP NZ website) – agreement that it is likely NAP4 will have one or two “headline” commitments and around six-eight smaller ones
  • Brief discussion on the draft “Roadmap” that had been circulated to the group for comment
  • Newcomers to the group (representatives from Ministry for the Environment, and Diversity and Inclusion Unit in Ministry of Justice) provided brief overview of initial thoughts on how their work could link in with OPG under NAP4.