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26 August 2021 - Expert Advisory Panel Meeting


Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Topics for discussion

  • The close out of the 3rd National Action Plan (NAP3), the self-assessment and the key messages
  • The need for a “roadmap” to:
  • describe the context and long-term objectives for the development of the Plan
  • describe the process for the development of the Plan


  • Te Kawa Mataaho will develop a draft roadmap for discussion with the EAP
  • NAP4 – following on from the theming workshop attended by the Expert Advisory Panel, the civil society organisations (CSOs) and officials, Te Kawa Mataaho is discussing with a sub-group of CSOs the principles of te Tiriti. That group is also discussing how to bring diverse voices when identifying and developing commitments
  • The terms of current members of the EAP are set to expire in September 2021. Te Kawa Mataaho will work through the possibility of extending terms with members individually