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8 July 2021 - Expert Advisory Panel Meeting


Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Topics for discussion

  • 3rd National Action Plan (NAP3)
  • 4th National Action Plan (NAP4)


NAP4 Update

  • Civil society organisations (CSOs) met with Peter Hughes 30 June – discussed how he sees Open Government Partnership (OGP) in the wider open government context
  • After the next quarterly meeting with the Expert Advisory Panel and agencies on 29 July, we will schedule meetings with agencies and CSOs to build relationships, agree the process and principles for developing commitments for NAP4, and analyse the received ideas and emerging themes 
  • Aim to be developing commitments up to December 
  • Suggestion from the Expert Advisory Panel to embed social scientist with agencies owning commitments to evaluate in real time 
  • New OGP rules may allow for adaptative, learning, iterative approach to commitment 
  • Suggestion to link NAP4 agencies with NAP3 agencies to share experience and lessons learned 

NAP3 Update as at end March

  • Penultimate Reports had been received 
  • As at end of April four commitments (Youth Parliament, Public participation in policy development, Monitoring the effectiveness of public body Information Management practices, Open Procurement) had been completed  
  • Two other commitments (Making New Zealand’s secondary legislation readily available and Civics Toolkit) were largely completed 
  • Some of the milestones for three commitments (Service design; Increase visibility of government data stewardship practices; and Authoritative dataset of government organisations as open data for greater transparency) will not be completed during the term of the Plan
  • These commitments changed because agencies learned more about the circumstances they were facing or the steps that would need to be taken to achieve the objectives of the commitment. Work will continue after the expiry of the Plan
  • Self-review – updated template used to capture what changed and what was learned along the way.