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14 February 2022 - EAP Quarterly Meeting

Meeting:   Open Government Partnership EAP quarterly meeting  

Date:         14 February 2022 

Time:          12-1pm 


Te Kawa Mataaho (TKM): Hugo Vitalis (Deputy Commissioner, Integrity Ethics and Standards);  Dean Rosson; Stephen Moore; Christine Lloyd; Arpita Das 

EAP: Suzanne Snively; Sarah Colcord, Jackie Paul, Simon Wright, Sean Audain, Farib Sos, Rachel Roberts 

Topics for discussion 

  • Developing a project plan 
  • Initiate discussion on the role of EAP now and post October 2022 
  • Setting focus for future meetings 

Developing a project plan 

The EAP has asked the TKM team to provide a detailed project plan.  The project plan will include the current road map and also details of activities. 

Post this, the EAP proposed a half day workshop to discuss the plan.  

The road map aligned with the project plan will give a sense of momentum to the commitements. Any future engagments should seek to bring in ideas and commitments with a view to be included in NAP 5.  

TKM and EAP need to work collaboratively and agree a way forward so that the plan is more participatory and can be delivered on time. 

TKM agreed to do more work on the project plan and detail more activities under the plan. It was noted that the EAP ideas for progressing the NAP 4 had been sent shortly before the meeting and so the TKM team would need time to consider and discuss these. 

Initiate discussion on the role of EAP now and post October 2022 

The term of the current EAP is due to expire in October 2022. The present EAP would want to begin conceptualising what a transitional multistakeholder forum would look like. This could be done at every quarterly meeting 

There was a discussion around the feasibility of moving beyond immediate commitments to medium and long term commitments within the OGP principles.  

EAP asked about the tension in having a medium term / long term commitment and not achieving it, noting the OGP can be an experimental space. We need to check about the process constraints.     

Looking ahead at the NAP 4 process 

Checkpoints and milestones need to be included in the project plan. Checkpoints are when we reflect and assess progress of goals; milestones are the hard deliverables against the timeline. Milestones need to be set honestly in light of resources needed to get there. 

It was agreed that we could   better clarify the purpose of the quarterly and monthly meetings to increase their effectiveness and ensure timely progress of clear goals. There needs to be a distinction between the EAP only quarterly meetings and the monthly meetings with agencies and CSOs. The quarterly meeting was established to review the progress on the current action plan. The virtual option for the monthly meetings could enable us to invite others so that a larger group of people from across the country are able to particpate. The logistics around COVID will also need to be factored in for the months ahead.  

The EAP acknowledge Catherine and Larry’s contribution to the OGP work and hoped to do this in person at some time.  

Actions: TKM will consider what a future multistakeholder forum might look like. TKM will to draft and share with EAP 

  • a more detailed project plan alongside the existing road map (to be discussed at a half day workshop); and 
  • a draft meeting agenda to clarify the purpose and goals of the monthly and quarterly meetings.