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02 December 2020 – Expert Advisory Panel and Officials Group Meeting Minutes

Open Government Partnership: EAP & Officials Meeting


Wednesday 02 December 2020, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Level 2, The Reserve Bank Building and Teams video Conference

Expert Advisory Panel attendees

Suzanne Snively, Farib Sos, Sean Audain, Simon Wright (in person) Sarah Colcord (via Teams videoconference)


Rachel Roberts

Agency Officials

Office of the Clerk, Ministry of Youth Development, Ministry of Education, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Internal Affairs, Stats NZ, Archives NZ, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


Ministry of Justice, Parliamentary Counsel Office

Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission Officials

Catherine Williams, Phil Newman, Larry Fergusson, Stephen Moore, Victoria Hume


Agenda & Topic

Expert Advisory Panel meeting 1:00 – 2:00 pm

1 - Welcome and Coffee

Catherine welcomed the members of the panel and thanked them for their work over the year – especially the very fruitful sessions we had over the lockdown period.


  • reiterated concerns about the limitations of current budgetary arrangements for the funding of Commitments given we were about to commence the process of developing the next NAP
  • noted that Minister Hipkins would continue to have responsibility for Open Government matters, referred to the session held with the Minister earlier in the year and need to attempt to get an early meeting with the Minister.

Action: Officials will work with the Minister’s Office to discuss his involvement in the NAP development process including a meeting with the EAP.

2 - Topics for discussion


The EAP discussed the descriptions of the proposed broad themes to provide an initial framework for the discussion of ideas for NAP4.

Following a broad discussion active citizenship encompassed and the types of circumstances that might cause people to be (or not) active in democratic processes the theme was amended to Active Citizenship and Partnership (as opposed to participation).

There was general acceptance that the proposed Responsiveness and Transparency & Accountability themes were necessary foundations for achieving active citizenship. It was noted that there would be value in providing people with easily accessible information about what central and local government do.

Action: Officialswill finalise key collateral that they have been working with the EAP on. This includes OGPNAP4 Plan, Purpose Paper, Themes & Deliberative Questions. Once finalised they will be provided to the EAP and agency Officials Group ahead of commencing public engagement in early 2021.

Expert Advisory Panel & Officials Group Meeting 2:00 – 4:30

3 - NAP 3 Learning Forum

The meeting broke into two groups to hear from and discuss the experiences of:

  • The Office of the Clerk on the development and implementation of the Parliamentary Engagement Strategy
  • The Ministry of Youth Development on their approach to engagement with young people.

The sessions provided an opportunity for the presenters to share the lessons they had learned and for others to discuss them and consider application to their own work. They also serviced to highlight excellent work that was being undertaken in the agencies.

4 - Afternoon Tea

5 - NAP 3 Quarterly Report Roundtable

The Update Reports had been pre-circulated. The EAP expressed appreciation for the work being undertaken and the progress being made. The EAP expressed interest in deeper involvement in finalising the quarterly reports and a closer relationship with implementing officials. It is expected this will commence in 2021, in line with the reporting cycle covering October -December 2020.

6 - Learning about other work

The Director of the Government Centre for Dispute Resolution, and colleagues, presented on the process they have undertaken in developing a mana-enhancing dispute resolution system Best Practice Framework. They provided examples of excellent engagement processes and the development of services that were responsive to the needs of the people who needed to use the system.

7 - NAP4 Getting ready to go!

After the earlier discussion with EAP, Te Kawa Mataaho will circulate material to the Officials Group as per Agenda # 2.