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16 August 2021 - Expert Advisory Panel Meeting


Members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Representatives from civil society organisations

Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission

Topics for discussion

  • The 4th National Action Plan (NAP4) ambition and having all the right people involved in theming the 1500 ideas
  • Discussion of ideas raised for NAP4


  • Te Kawa Mataaho will postpone the 24th of August workshop and arrange a further NAP4 themes workshop on 31 August for additional stakeholders to attend
  • The later scheduling will allow time for new, non-government stakeholders and government officials with subject matter expertise to be invited and ensure diversity and cultural representation
  • Te Kawa Mataaho and the civil society organisations will discuss te Tiriti principles during the NAP4 process in a sub-group session

Discussed ideas raised for NAP4 in response to the 1500 ideas generated:

  • the possibility of developing a long-term strategy and roadmap
  • building on existing work e.g. by the Policy Project
  • taking into account that NZ has digital poverty and its impact on community engagement
  • whether community engagement may be too government-focused - whether government could partner with the community in doing this
  • the practicalities associated with timeframes to implement NAP4 procurement ideas
  • the adequacy of mechanisms for engaging with local government, when many of the ideas generated concerned local government