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29 July 2021 –Expert Advisory Panel Quarterly Meeting


Representatives from Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Topics for discussion

  • Discussed the proposed approach to the 3rd National Action Plan 3 self-assessment and the 4th National Action Plan development
  • Agreed that Rachel would co-chair the group meeting


  • Briefing and next steps on the self-assessment
  • Draft around to Expert Advisory Panel members shortly for comment
  • Agree and review themes/groupings of ideas
  • Agree principles agencies will use to engage on developing commitments

Joined by

Representatives from civil society organisations

Agencies’ representatives


  • Rachel Roberts welcomed and gave an overview of the afternoon and an overview of Open Government Partnership (OGP)
  • The group introduced themselves and discussed what their objective for meeting
  • Te Kawa Mataaho proposed an approach for the theming workshop and asked for feedback
  • There was interest in what automated analysis might be possible, for example heat map
  • There was less interest in focussing on what ideas were in what groups and more interest in drawing out the features of the different groups in terms of whether they would be good commitment areas
  • Important to connect with senior leaders in the agencies to raise awareness of the work
  • Budget discussion – civil society organisations expressed a strong desire for an OGP budget to be established and offered several models for consideration
  • The OGP website needs to be updated on the work being done, and what is coming up