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Themes identified for third National Action Plan

Themes identified for third National Action Plan

These themes (and sub-themes) group the ideas for open government on The themes were agreed by the Expert Advisory Panel and officials. Diversity and Inclusion are concerns that span all these themes.

There are 449 ideas posted directly and loaded from workshops. The themes will help civil society workshop nominees and Expert Advisory Panel members work with officials to develop the possible Action Plan commitments at a workshop on 2 July 2018.



  1. All New Zealanders know how our democracy and system of government works and how they can participate; they are empowered to contribute to wider community life.
    1. Children and young people are empowered to contribute.
    2. People can easily access and navigate New Zealand’s legislative framework.
  2. Government and New Zealanders work collaboratively to shape policy decisions and design of public services.
    1. Supporting civil society to contribute, including diversity access and inclusion.
    2. What should good engagement/consultation/co-design look like?
  3. Increase government transparency / accountability.
    1. Publish information to increase transparency and accountability.
    2. Publish algorithms to increase transparency / accountability.
    3. All New Zealanders trust how their information is used and that it is safe.
    4. Infrastructure to increase transparency / accountability.
    5. Improve national budgeting processes.
    6. Update official information legislation.
    7. Strengthening NZ's anti-corruption system.
  4. All New Zealanders can access government information and services easily – in whatever way works for them.
    1. Accessibility / ease of understanding government information and services.
    2. Infrastructure to support access to government information and services.
  5. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.
  6. Environment supports a free and independent media to increase transparency of government decision-making.
  7. New Zealanders can access government information resources for innovation.