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Commitment 9 progress report: December 2019

Open Government Partnership New Zealand National Action Plan 2018-2020

Progress report to: 31 December 2019

Commitment 9: Increase visibility of government data stewardship practices

Lead agency: Stats NZ / Government Chief Data Steward

Objective: To increase the visibility of data practices for government-held data.

Ambition: New Zealanders will:

  • understand how government is managing, using, and protecting their data and be able to hold government to account.
  • have confidence and trust in the management and use of data that government holds on their behalf.

OGP values: Transparency, Accountability


Milestone 1

Develop and publish an overview of government’s data stewardship practices

Start/End dates: August 2018 to 30 November 2018

Progress: Underway

Milestone 2

Engage with citizens and government on the data stewardship overview to ensure it provides visibility of the right things and is addressing key needs

Start/End dates: 1 December 2018 to 31 April 2019

Progress: Some delays

Milestone 3

Promote the data stewardship practices to government agencies and support them to implement good practice

Start/End dates: 1 May 2019 (ongoing)

Progress: Underway

Milestone 4

Engage with citizens and government to identify where effort should be focused to address gaps in government’s data stewardship practices

Start/End dates: 1 May 2019 to 30 November 2019 (then periodically ongoing)

Progress: Some delays


What we have been doing

  • A number of initiatives are underway to establish good data stewardship practices across government. These include defining data content standards, piloting a data capability framework, implementing steady states data models, and convening a Data Ethics Advisory Group.
  • We have been working with stakeholders to develop data content standards - 3 are now awaiting approval, and 2 are in development.
  • Online data stewardship resources are being prepared for publishing.

How we are including diverse voices

  • We will be developing an engagement strategy to seek feedback on the stewardship framework elements and identify the tools and resources that people and organisations need to help them better manage and use data.

How we are keeping diverse communities informed

  • We will publish the key findings from our engagement activities and provide channels for people to comment.

What's next?

  • Publish online data stewardship resources.
  • Develop and publish an engagement strategy.

Links – Evidence of progress and milestones achieved