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Update on commitments from OGP National Action Plan 2018-2021

Update as at May 2022

Commitment 3: School Leavers’ Toolkit

Ministry of Education


This work will now continue out to December 2024, as a programme of continuous improvement and evaluation in line with pilot of the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Change Programme.

The Ministry is currently evaluating the content and layout of the School Leavers’ Toolkit alongside with the NCEA Change Programme. The release of the School Leavers’ Toolkit Life Skills Lessons this year is an opportunity for it to monitor the success of the School Leavers’ Toolkit. This resource provides schools with bespoke lesson and unit plans linked directly to the student facing School leavers’ Toolkit content.

The number of users who have accessed the toolkit is now 97,000, with over 240,000 page views.

A new “mega-cut” of the myth-busting videos is now live at this link: Tertiary education – School Leavers' Toolkit.

The School Leavers’ Toolkit Life Skills Lessons’ can be found here: Curriculum resources – School Leavers’ Toolkit (

Commitment 4: To make New Zealand’s secondary legislation readily accessible

Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO)


PCO continues to progress this commitment under a work programme for legislative stewardship that focusses specifically on improving access to secondary legislation. This programme will also include work to support agencies to increase their capability (including knowledge, skill and awareness of good design and publishing practices) of those involved in making secondary legislation.

Making publication requirements easier for users to see by noting this information under the relevant empowering provisions has been completed with the inclusion of Publication, Presentation and Disallowance tables in all Acts that contain empowering provisions for secondary legislation.

PCO is currently working its way through compiling a list of makers of secondary legislation which it expects to make available on our website in the second quarter of 2022. It is continuing to work on linking from Acts to secondary legislation published on, which it also expects to make available in the second quarter of 2022.

Commitment 6: Service design

Department of Internal Affairs


Further work is on hold. Improving digital service design and accessibility is a critical part of the action plan currently being developed to support the digital inclusion pillar of the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa.

Commitment 9: Increase the visibility of government’s data stewardship practices

Stats NZ


Initiatives that will improve data stewardship practices and achieve consistency across government can be found in all the focus areas of the Government Data Strategy and Roadmap. Government Chief Data Steward Mark Sowden discussed achievements to date in his blogpost on The Government Data Strategy and Roadmap: Taking stock.

Engagement with citizens and government has occurred as part of many of these initiatives, most significantly through the consultation on the Data and Statistics Bill – these engagement activities address the intentions of Commitment 9 milestones.

Commitment 11: Authoritative dataset of government organisations as open data for greater transparency

Department of Internal Affairs


The Digital Public Service team (DPS) has a designed a phased project plan and set of deliverables proposed for the dataset.

  • Planning phase: (currently underway)
    • Firm up approaches, plans, tool selection and costs to create a detailed project plan
    • The plan will support an end-to-end solution for creating and maintaining the dataset as outlined in the draft requirements documentation developed by DPS and Archives.
    • Tool selection to include a data authoring tool and a URI minting and resolving service to support a linked data approach (and hosting this in perpetuity on
    • Alignment and coordination is underway with the Data System Design refresh led by Stats to ensure what we deliver fits into this wider context.
  • Build and release phase:
    • DPS will be responsible for building and releasing the dataset on
    • DPS is committed to close collaboration with Archives throughout these phases, to ensure that the dataset/solution created meets Archives expectations, capacity and capability with regards to maintenance, and the dataset aligns with Archives’ ontology work.
  • Maintain and extend phase
    • Archives will assume ongoing ownership (and responsibility for maintaining and potentially extending) the dataset following its release on
    • As noted above, both parties note that the nature of this maintenance will be affected by the build and release phase and are committed to collaboration during this phase to ensure alignment and facilitate knowledge transfer
    • As noted above, DPS will have ongoing responsibility for the hosting and maintenance of a URI minting and resolving service on