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Commitment 12 progress report: June 2018 to January 2019

Open Government Partnership New Zealand National Action Plan 2018-2020

Progress report for: June 2018 – January 2019

Commitment 12 progress report: June 2018 to January 2019


Commitment 12: Open Procurement 

Lead agency: The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment 

Objective: To publish the data on government-awarded contracts that is currently publicly available on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) as open data.

Ambition: It will be easy for people to find and access published GETS information for contracts awarded by government agencies that are subject to the Government Rules of Sourcing. This will increase the level of trust the public has in procurement as it will be possible to analyse what contracts government agencies are awarding, what the expected spend is and which businesses have been awarded contracts.

OGP values: Transparency, Accountability, Technology and Innovation



Milestone 1

Design with Stats NZ and the public a more usable format for this data.

Start/End dates: October 2018 - June 2019

Progress: Underway

Milestone 2

Publish the results of the first milestone, for example information on what format the data will be released in and if we need to publish supporting material to help people interpret the data.

Start/End dates: July 2019 - December 2019

Milestone 3

Publish the Contract Award notices online in the agreed usable format.

Start/End dates: June 2020 -  On-going


What we have been doing

  • We have established a working group within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to lead this commitment.
  • We have started developing a communications plan to communicate to stakeholders what this commitment is / how it affects them and how they can be involved.
  • We have set up a workshop where we can have an initial conversation to discuss format with interested parties on the 19th of February.

How we are including diverse voices

  • We intend to extend the opportunity to be involved in this work widely so that anyone with in an interest in Open Data is able to be involved in some capacity.

How we are keeping diverse communities informed

  • We plan to use existing Open Government Partnership mechanisms to keep diverse communities informed.
  • We will also work with Statistics New Zealand to identify individuals and groups with an interest in Open Data.
  • Anyone who would like to be involved or obtain future information should contact

What’s next?

  • Holding a workshop and follow-up engagement to design the format for the Open Data.
  • Direct communications to Government agencies and suppliers to Government to inform them of this work.
  • The workshop will be held on the 19th of February at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in Wellington. If there is interest in this work from those placed outside of Wellington we will use other means to enable them to be involved.

Links – Evidence of progress and milestones achieved

When the first milestone has been achieved the results will be published on