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Agenda for 9 July Meeting

Public Participation in policymaking Discovery workshop

Date/time: Tuesday 9th July 2019, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue: Beehive, Level 3

As part of the OGP Commitment 5, over 2019, DPMC is working with policy teams and civil society to develop guidance that will support Ministers and officials to better enable public participation in policymaking. A goal of the work is to develop a decision-making tool and supports that will guide policy teams to select and apply appropriate engagement approaches during policy development, building on the existing IAP2 spectrum of public participation.

The aim of the initial Discovery workshops is to map the current state of practice in this area, including the barriers, constraints and enablers to public participation in policymaking. This process will inform the type of supports and tools to be co-created and tested later in 2019.




Welcome – Diane Owenga


Immersion into IAP2 – Anne Pattillo

An overview of the IAP2 design platform to help decision makers and policy makers get engagement off to a good start. Anne will introduce the key steps and questions of the design process with a specific focus on: 

  • Integrating engagement into policy practice

  • Shifting the dial on the level of influence partners, stakeholders and citizens can have on policy development, and 

  • Choosing the right engagement approach to match the policy project, context, engagement groups and engagement purpose.


Presentation – Te Arawhiti

One of the responsibilities of the Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti portfolio is to ensure that public sector engagement with Māori is meaningful. The Office for Māori Crown Relations – Te Arawhiti will reflect on the current engagement landscape and how agencies can better contribute to the development of effective policy options where they impact on Māori.

Copies of the recently released Engagement Framework and Engagement guidelines developed to assist agencies in thinking about engaging with Māori will be provided on the day. 


Lunch (12.30pm to 1pm)


Reflections on our Policy Landscape – Auckland Co-Design Lab & DPMC

Exploring where people are at now and why – particularly how we currently make decisions relating to public engagement (key drivers, assumptions, constraints, favoured approaches). 

  1. How do you and your team currently make decisions relating to public engagement? (Key drivers, favoured practices) How does this change at different stages of the policy process?

  2. What constraints do we face in moving to more active participation and working with a greater diversity of people?


What Could Different Look Like – Auckland Co-Design Lab & DPMC

Two brief case studies from policy teams where Responsible Minister and lead agency are committed to collaboration. This includes a quick summary, challenges they face and what has enabled different approaches.

  1. What would enable agencies to engage the public more in shaping policy decisions and the design of public services?


Break (2.45pm to 3.00pm)


What Agencies need from Guidance – Auckland Co-Design Lab & DPMC

  1. What types of guidance do agencies require to address the challenges identified? What this need to include to be useful?  What relevant resources, guidance or examples should be referenced?


Diane Owenga to close with next steps