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Transparency International Submission End-Term

OGP NAP 2016-2018 End-Term Self-Assessment

Transparency International – Submission

Open Government Partnership State Services Commission

Submissions and Publications RE: David Dunsheath
12 November 2018

Re: OGP NAP2 Self-Assessment Report: Transparency International New Zealand Submission


Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is the recognised New Zealand representative of Transparency International, the global civil society organisation against corruption. We are a not-for-profit incorporated society with charitable status. We are non-political and non-partisan.

TINZ's Vision: A world with trusted integrity systems in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

We Are

  • A caretaker of New Zealand's high trust, high integrity society
  • Author of the "2013 New Zealand Integrity Plus National Integrity System Assessment"
  • The local chapter of Transparency International, the world leading anti- corruption agency and publisher of the Corruption Perceptions Index

Submission overview comment

It is pleasing to observe the achieved commitments identified within the drafted ‘Open Government Partnership New Zealand National Action Plan 2016-2018 (OGP-NAP2) End-term self-assessment’ report (Draft October 2018).

We applaud the modest range of consultation that has taken place over the life of the plan (i.e. preparation through to completion) as a basis for far greater consultation undertaken for NAP3.

Consultation interface

It is disappointing that the draft self-assessment report was made available for feedback only in PDF format, which (for some members of public) precludes direct insertion of comments and suggestions.

TINZ recommends that SSC provides the option of a Word version of all public documents in which to provide feedback for those who prefer to use Tracked changes.

Report formatting

Whereas the draft report is well structured and tabulated to good effect for easy assimilation, use of coloured dots does not cater for monochrome printing.

TINZ recommends that regardless of any OGP international standardised formatting requirements, the coloured dot scoring system be augmented to ensure meaningfulness on monochrome printouts, e.g. display a digit score within the dot, with accompanying legend.

Consultation deadline

It appears to be current standard practice to declare feedback deadlines as 5pm on the selected working day with unlikely action to be taken on these until next working day (or on following Monday after a Friday cutoff).

TINZ recommends that all future submission deadlines be stated such that volunteers might benefit from extra time, evenings after their day-job working hours or through a weekend, to finalise submissions ready for SSC staff to receive by start of next business morning.

Attached recommendations in Word draft

Attached is an earlier draft of this self-assessment report (dated September 2018) which contains edits and suggestions that missed a previous deadline, for initially restricted feedback from the EAP.

It is regretted that TINZ has not had current resourcing to provide these suggestions in a more convenient format for your assimilation. A legend is provided on the second page of the attached September draft.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding this submission. TINZ would be delighted to make a presentation to SSC or advisory groups to further describe the nature of our recommendations and key drivers that determine the benefits of these.


Yours faithfully

Transparency International New Zealand
David Dunsheath
Member with Delegated Authority

DDI: +64 27 248 9488