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Commitment 5 progress report: Sep – Nov 2017

Open Government Partnership New Zealand National Action Plan 2016-2018

Date: September to November 2017

Commitment 5 progress report: September to November 2017


Commitment 5:  Ongoing engagement for OGP 

Lead agency: The State Services Commission (SSC)

We will build a flexible and enduring platform for engagement between the New Zealand government and New Zealand communities around the Open Government Partnership.



Milestone 1

Work with the Department of Internal Affairs to improve government’s access to, and use of, digital public engagement tools

End date: June 2018

Progress: Underway

Milestone 2

Work with the Expert Advisory Panel to decide how best to report on progress against OGP milestones

Progress: Completed

Milestone 3

Engage with New Zealanders to develop the approach to the next plan

End date: June 2018.

Progress: Underway


What have we been doing?

  • SSC is engaging with community organisations and the public to develop the approach for collectively developing the next National Action Plan.
    • A public survey to discover how New Zealanders would like to be engaged in the Action Plan process is available:
    • Early in November the Expert Advisory Panel had opportunity to review the approach and survey, requesting no changes.
    • The survey will also be supported by interviews with representatives from community organisations, including the three organisations who provided feedback to the mid-term self-assessment.
    • Government Information Services (GIS) in the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is in a 6 week discovery phase to understand how digital technologies can best help people and government engage with each other. This work will inform how government agencies can be supported to enable people, businesses and communities get involved in government.
    • This could be through policy development, consultations, engagement, and service design, in both local and central government. GIS are collaborating with SSC and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) on this, as well as involving a variety of government agencies, NGOs, and the public.


What’s next?

  • Following feedback from community organisations and New Zealanders, SSC will be designing an approach for developing the next Action Plan for Ministerial consideration and approval
  • SSC will begin leading the development of the next Action Plan in early 2018. This will includes several rounds of open consultation, in which interested parties present and discuss ideas for commitments. After a process of prioritization, the final Action Plan will contain between five to 15 commitments, with input from both community organisations, the public and government agencies. The next Action Plan will be subject to Cabinet’s approval
  • The results of the discovery, led by GIS, will help shape the type of service and product offered to support agencies when engaging. It will also help to clarify the leadership and working relationship required across the different government agencies to support best practice engagement (eg DIA, DPMC, and Treasury).