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Commitment 3 progress report: Sep – Nov 2017

Open Government Partnership New Zealand National Action Plan 2016-2018

Date: September to November 2017

Commitment 3 progress report: September to November 2017


Commitment 3 - Improving open data access and principles

Lead agency: Stats NZ

To review and strengthen the principles under which New Zealand releases open data and information.



Milestone 1

Review potential adoption of the International Open Data Charter, using public feedback

Progress: completed

Milestone 2

Review New Zealand Data and Information Management Principles

Progress: completed

Milestone 3

Determine what principles will guide release of, and access to, New Zealand open data and information, using public feedback

Progress: completed

Milestone 4

Engage with citizens and government on application of the new/amended open data principles

Progress: completed

Milestone 5

Implement new/amended open data principles.

End date: June 2018

Progress: underway


What have we been doing?

  • On 22 September 2017 Stats NZ proactively released the Cabinet paper proposing adoption of the International Open Data Charter
  • The Open Government Data Action Plan is being revised to include actions to implement the Charter’s principles. A more detailed implementation plan with time-bound tasks and milestones is also being developed. Both plans will be living documents, regularly updated to reflect what has been learnt as we progress, changes in the needs of data users and data suppliers, and feedback from the data community.


What’s next

  • Publication of the action plan and implementation plan, with an invitation to provide feedback
  • Formally notify the Open Data Charter group of our adoption of the Charter, and provide links to the media release, Cabinet paper, action plan, and implementation plan
  • Consolidate the information on the principles under which open government data is released (including the Declaration on Transparent and Open Government, NZ Data and Information Management Principles, NZ Government Open Access and Licensing Framework, and Open Data Charter).