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6 July 2017 - Officials Group meeting: minutes


Date / time: Thursday 6 July, 10-11 am, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Attendees: State Services Commission, Department of Internal Affairs, Statistics NZ, The Treasury, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Auckland Council.


Agenda & Topics

1. Welcome and update on process with mid-term self-assessment

  • Changes to agency representatives were noted.
  • Minutes from 24 May were confirmed for publication on the OGP NZ website.
  • Officials were thanked for their hard work on the mid-term self-assessment document, which is going through final editing and approval ahead of being loaded on the Government Online Engagement Service.

 2. Discussion about the process of independent review

  • There was discussion about the process and time-lines for the independent review which the reviewer, Keitha Booth, will use for her mid-term assessment.
  • Officials will need to supply her with supporting evidence.

3. Framing themes and issues for the next plan

Officials discussed how OGP fits into wider work across government that is consistent with the goals of greater transparency, accountability and citizen engagement, but which is being delivered outside of OGP processes and plans.

4. Next steps

The consultation will be made live on GOES and open for comment for two weeks.

5. OGP international developments

There was discussion of a proposed international OGP workshop planned for October, and the
OGP international’s strategic refresh which is now being implemented.


6 July 2017 - Officials Group meeting: minutes