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23 July 2018 – Officials Group meeting: minutes

Officials Group


Date / time: Monday 23 July 2018, 11.00-11.40am

Venue: Rm 10.2 State Services Commission Reserve Bank, No.2 The Terrace

Officials Group participants: Department of Internal Affairs, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Parliamentary Counsel Office, State Services Commission, Stats NZ, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Justice, Treasury


Agenda & Topics

1. Welcome

Helen Moody as Chair for the meeting welcomed everyone and noted Catherine Williams’ apologies. Confirmed minutes from meetings on 11 and 26 June 2018.

2. Close-out Steps of National Action Plan 2016-2018

Amy Allison provided an update on final steps to close-out the current National Action Plan.

  • Discussed timeline impacts
  • Report in final draft stages, thank you to those who have contributed
  • Keitha (IRM Researcher) has started the assessment process; she will meet with some members of the Officials Group.
  • Our draft report will be made available to the IRM Researcher by 31 July; we hope to share with the Officials Group shortly after.
  • Final report to OGP International by 30 November 2018.

The next OGP Officials meeting (6 August) will focus on the close-out of the current National Action Plan 2016-2018. The IRM Reviewer will be present. Those who are not involved in the current National Action Plan are most welcome to attend this meeting to hear the conversation.

Action: SSC will ensure leads of commitments from current National Action Plan are included on the invite list.

3. Engagement update for the National Action Plan 2018-2020 

Helen provided an overview of the Action Plan development process to date. Catherine will be meeting with the Associate Minister of State Services (Open Government) (the Minister) on Wednesday to report progress on developing the draft Action Plan.

Helen discussed the timeframes to complete the plan, all agreed the timeframes are tight due to Parliamentary recess. Helen discussed some of the upcoming dates and what is required of the Officials Group. Next week SSC will circulate the draft Cabinet paper with agencies for input, note tight turnaround time as the Cabinet paper will be sent to the Minister’s office the following week. Expectation is agencies will review their content.

The Minister is meeting with EAP members in early August to discuss the draft plan. Officials Group to receive copies of the draft report and Cabinet paper in early August, to give feedback to SSC and advice to their Ministers.

Helen referred to the 449 ideas offered through the ideas generation phase, SSC plans to report back on what we did with all the ideas, for publication on the OGPNZ website. SSC is undertaking an exercise to map ideas that have not contributed to the plan, against existing agency work programmes or otherwise. A copy of this spreadsheet will be sent out and agencies are invited to provide feedback including about other relevant programmes. This will include ideas identified as outside the scope of Open Government that will be referred to relevant agencies.

Action: SSC to set up a new series of Officials Group meetings to reflect the schedule for the next National Action Plan, once it is finalised. 


23 July 2018 – Officials Group meeting: minutes