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6 August 2018 – Officials Group meeting: agenda

National Action Plan 2016-18 IRM Discussion

Date / time: Monday 6 August 2018, 10am-11am

Venue: Dame Margaret Room, State Services Commission Reserve Bank Building, No.2 the Terrace

Officials Group participants: Keitha Booth (IRM), Michelle Groves (PCO), Victoria Wray, Rex Drummond, Christine Bennett (DIA), Jocelyn Morrison, Adam Brown (Stats), Apurva Mahire, Sarah Hardy (Treasury), Erik Koed, Helen Moody, Amy Allison, Larry Fergusson (SSC)

Apologies: Catherine Williams 


Agenda & Topics

1. Welcome and confirmation of minutes: Welcome and apologies

2. Close-out of National Action Plan 2016-2018: Discussion with independent reviewer on the close out of the second National Action Plan.


6 August 2018 – Officials Group meeting: agenda