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20 May 2019 – Officials Group meeting: minutes

Officials Group


Date / time: Monday 20 May 2019, 11:00 – 12:00 noon

Venue: State Services Commission 2 The Terrace

Officials Group participants: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Education, Department of Internal Affairs, Archives NZ, Ministry of Justice, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Parliamentary Counsel Office, State Services Commission, Stats NZ, Ministry of Youth Development, Office of the Clerk.


Agenda & Topics

1. Joint Session with EAP

The attendees joined the EAP for a joint session. Attednees introduced themselves and there was a discussion about the updates and implementation of Commitments.

The Minutes of the meetings of 23 July and 6 August 2018 were confirmed.

2. Implementation of the National Action Plan 2018-20

Following the departure of EAP members there was further discussion of the Updates and in particular those aspects relating to engagement with civil society and diverse groups. Different Commitments provided greater or lesser scope for such engagement depending in their scope and intent.

There was also discussion about the expectation that the IRM researcher will expect to be able to see evidence of impact on ‘opening government’ when completing the End-of-Term Report (and we would need to cover this in our Self-assessment).

DIA had provided a short- and medium-term impact statement for Commitment 11. Other Commitment leads will consider whether this should be something we do as a matter of course.

3. OGP Global Summit – Ottawa

Catherine would be attending the OGP Global Summit in Ottawa at the end of May. We would be speaking at a couple of sessions and the Summit provided an opportunity to compare notes with other countries. Thanks to those agencies who had supplied input for the delegation briefing. Catherine will report back on her return.

4. EAP Nominations

Catherine reported on progress. The next step is to interview the short list of 7. The focus of questions was discussed along with the make up of the interview panel (Catherine, one EAP member and one member from the Officials Group.


20 May 2019 – Officials Group meeting: minutes