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OGPNZ Update: 4th National Action Plan & Open Gov Week

27 April 2022

Developing the next National Action Plan

April-May workshops with our Expert Advisory Panel, civil society groups, and government agencies on the fourth National Action Plan (NAP) are underway.
The aim of these four virtual workshops is to review and prioritise focus areas on the sub-themes for further work towards commitments.
The workshops are based on the four sub themes, agreed with the Minster in the Joint Report: Potential focus areas for New Zealand’s fourth OGP NAP:

  • Access to and usability of public information – 11 April
  • Enabling participation by individuals and groups – 2 May
  • Government use of data and personal information – 16 May
  • Information to support financial accountability of the government – 30 May.

As part of the workshop process, we will:

  • Define the commitments at a high level  
  • Identify key stakeholders, leads, potential benefits, and measures.

These will need to be further developed by the stakeholders involved at a later stage to ensure any commitment is clearly defined and has SMART objectives.
Many thanks to workshop participants for your invaluable contributions so far. We’ll publish notes from the workshops on the OGP New Zealand website.

Open Gov Week

Coming up, 16-20 May, is 2022 Open Gov Week (OGW). The week offers opportunities for everyone to join the conversation and add your perspective and ideas to seminars, hackathons, public debates, webinars, open dataset releases and other events planned by citizens, civil society and governments around the globe.