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Fourth National Action Plan

Hear what others have to say and have your say about the content of New Zealand’s Fourth National Action Plan under the Open Government Partnership. National Action Plans are created out of ideas put forward by the public and civil society. These ideas are then developed into potential “commitments” by civil society, members of the public and government agencies. Citizen and community group involvement in each Plans development is the lifeblood of Open Government Partnership work.

Current Activity

NOW OPEN! Consultation on the draft of New Zealand's Fourth Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (ends on  12 December)

The draft Plan is open for a period of public consultation between 24 November and 5pm, 12 December 2022.

This is the proposed fourth National Action Plan for New Zealand.

New Zealand's draft Fourth Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2023-24

Up until 5pm 12 December 2022, feedback on the Plan is welcome by:

  • Using the Open Government Partnership Dialogue platform. Through the ‘Current Challenges’ section, the tool enables the public to register and comment on the draft Plan. Because it’s a public platform, comments are pre-moderated before these are published to other users, in accordance with the moderation policy.


Key Actions to Date 

Joint report to the Minister for the Public Service

In 2021, a joint report to the Minister for the Public Service on potential focus areas for New Zealand’s fourth Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan was published on the Te Kawa Mataaho website. The advice was developed with our Expert Advisory Panel, civil society organisations, and a range of government agencies, and summarises the conclusions from our joint work.

Ideas for the Fourth National Action Plan

We’ve taken the ideas received (including from workshops) and added these to our ideas page. These ideas are sorted by the four high-level themes, as well as the source (such as a workshop, online or formal written submission).

Letter from the OGP: regarding New Zealand’s shift to the 2022 cohort for our fourth National Action Plan

In June 2021, we wrote to OGP to advise them of our intention to extend the development period for our next National Action Plan to mid-2022, joining the countries delivering Plans in 2022.

The reply to that letter, can be found here.

How can I have my say?

You can have your say by sending your suggestions to or

Open Government Partnership Team

Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission

PO Box 329

Wellington 6140

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter at @ogpnz, and at the Te Kawa Mataaho LinkedIn page.

Publication of Submissions and Feedback

Your submissions and feedback to us on Open Government Partnership, including draft Plans, will be made public for others to be informed about, subject to all the laws that govern information that is held by, and published to the public by, government.  

We publish all submissions on National Action Plans on this website taking into account our monitoring policy and any applicable legal constraints.

If you want your comments to be anonymous, please advise via