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Ideas for the Fourth National Action Plan

The first phase of the process to develop the fourth Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (NAP 4) was the gathering of ideas from members of the public through our online conversation platform, as well as via workshops with interested individuals and groups across the country. This process started in 2020 with workshops and conversations and concluded in mid-2021.

The ideas were assessed with our expert advisory panel (EAP), civil society organisations, and a range of government agencies, and joint advice provided to the Minister for the Public Service on potential focus areas for Action Plan. We are grateful to everyone who submitted ideas for this Action Plan.

We’ve taken the ideas received in 2020 and 2021 and put these into a single document. These are sorted by the three high-level themes we collected ideas under, as well as the source (such a workshop, online or formal written submission).

Updated NAP4 ideas to reflect joint advice to the minister

We are currently working with our EAP, civil society organisations, government agencies and others to further prioritise and refine ideas and then work these up into commitments.

Ideas collected in workshops

Date Workshop
2022 Summary: April-May Workshops on potential NAP 4 Commitments
2019 - 2020 OGP NAP 4 Ideas Transparency Accountability
2019 - 2020 OGP NAP 4 Ideas Participation
2019 - 2020 OGP NAP 4 Ideas Responsiveness
2019 - 2020 OGP NAP 4 Ideas Other
26 January 2021 OGP ideas from Tupu Tai Intern Workshop
17 February 2021 OGP ideas from GovTech Graduate Workshop
23 March 2021 OGP Ideas from Canterbury University open session
23 March 2021 OGP ideas from Christchurch Community House session
25 March 2021 OGP ideas from Dunedin Community House
25 March 2021 OGP ideas from Otago University Workshop
29 March 2021 OGP ideas from Stratford Community House session
30 March 2021 OGP ideas from New Plymouth Workshop
12 April 2021 OGP ideas from Western Community Centre Workshop
12 April 2021 OGP ideas from Pukete Neighbourhood House Workshop
26 May 2021 OGP ideas from Canterbury University Student Workshop
18 June 2021 OGP ideas from Probus Wellington
22 June 2021 OGP ideas from Wellington Workshop
26 July 2021 OGP ideas from Manukau OGP Workshop
28 July 2021 OGP ideas from Open Government Online Workshop
31 July 2021 OGP ideas from UN Youth Raise Your Voice event in Manukau


Ideas received via email

Submission from Trust Democracy
Submission from Andrew Ecclestone
Submission from Auckland Inter-Faith Council
Submission from Amnesty International
Submission from GOPAC NZ
Submission from Pakistan Association Hawkes Bay
Submission from Transparency International
Submission from NZCCL
Submission on Local Government Democracy
Submission from Graeme Axford
Submission on Active Citizenship