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OGPNZ June 2022 Update: Summary of NAP4 Workshops & Next Steps

Here's an update of the development of our fourth National Action Plan.

Summary of National Action Plan Workshops

Many thanks to our Expert Advisory Panel, civil society groups, and government agencies for your involvement with the April-May fourth National Action Plan (NAP4) workshops.

As part of the process to deliver NAP4, the aim of these online workshops was to review and prioritise focus areas on the four sub-themes for further work towards commitments.

The workshops covered these themes:
1.         Access to, and usability of, public information
2.         Enabling and supporting participation in our democratic processes by individuals and groups
3.         Government use of data and personal information
4.         Information to support financial accountability.
For details of the workshops, please see the “Summary: April -May 2022 Workshops on potential NAP4 Commitments" published today on Ideas for the Fourth National Action Plan.

Participants from the 30 May 2022 workshop

Next Steps for NAP4

The OGP NZ team is now looking at fledgling commitments from the workshops:

  • Establish a central government information repository, linked to open data
  • Address disinformation and misinformation risks
  • Enable access to information
  • Investigate reasons why some people choose not to vote in local and central government elections
  • Promote use of the community engagement tool to increase community engagement in government policy
  • Improve protocols, and increase consistency and priorities for the collection, use, and storage of government data
  • Improve performance of government agencies using complaints information, and actions taken to address these
  • Research awareness and use of AI (artificial intelligence) by government, and develop a monitoring framework
  • Undertake a review of clauses being added to legislation exempting certain information from Official Information Act (OIA) coverage
  • Increase anti-corruption measures in relation to exporting corruption
  • Improve government procurement information transparency
  • Establish an independent fiscal institution
  • Establish a Beneficial Ownership Register for companies and trusts.

The OGP NZ team will be engaging with interested parties to develop and refine commitments before the final subset will be presented to the Minister, and then Cabinet for consideration later this year. NAP4 needs to be finalised by the end of 2022.