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OGPNZ 26 July 2022 Update: latest trust and confidence results

Are you wondering what’s happening with the National Action Plan 4? If so, read on. We’re also sharing an update about trust in the New Zealand (NZ) public sector from the new Kiwis Count and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report.

What’s the latest on National Action Plan 4?

Work on potential commitments for NZ's fourth National Action Plan (NAP4) is progressing. The output of the four public workshops, held in April-May, has been discussed by the Expert Advisory Panel, civil society members and officials. The potential commitments will now be progressed to the point of draft proposals, to be submitted to the Minister for his consideration.

For details of the workshops, please see the “Summary: 2022 Open Government Partnership NZ Workshops on Potential NAP4 Commitments” published on Ideas for the Fourth National Action Plan.

Latest trust and confidence results: Kiwis Count and OECD Survey

On 13 July, we saw the release of two key indicators of trust and confidence in the NZ Public Service – the latest Kiwis Count results and the OECD Survey on the Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions.

The Kiwis Count survey measures the trust and confidence in the NZ Public Service. The latest Kiwis Count results, published by Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission (for the June quarter 2022), show ongoing stability in both trust in the public sector brand and experience of trust in the public sector.

Overall, the results from this latest survey show there’s a long-term upward trend in overall trust in the Public Service brand – now at 62% (up from 61% last quarter, and 41% in 2012). And based on their personal experience of services, people’s trust in the NZ Public Service remains high at 81%. This is up from 80% last quarter, and up from 72% in 2012 when these surveys began.

Historically, OECD data shows New Zealanders have high trust in public institutions, as reported in the Government at a Glance publications. NZ was one of 22 OECD countries that participated in the inaugural OECD Trust Survey.

The new OECD report Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy helps find out where citizen confidence is wavering and remains solid, and what needs to be done to close the gap. The report shows that NZ is performing well above the OECD average on trust in the Public Service, sitting alongside countries in the top bracket – Finland, Ireland, Iceland, and Latvia.