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New Zealand's involvement

New Zealand joined the Open Government Partnership in 2013 with the State Services Commission taking the leadership role for Government. 

The goals of the Open Government Partnership align with New Zealand’s long and proud tradition of open and transparent government. It also provides a framework for Government to work directly with civil society, the private sector and international partners on open government topics.

Participation in the Open Government Partnership is an opportunity for New Zealand to share knowledge and expertise and learn from the experience of others.

Our involvement has a number of elements to it:

  • Developing a National Action Plan that is designed to increase the openness of government in a significant, if not transformative, way
  • The implementation of the National Action Plan once developed and reporting regularly on performance and outcomes
  • Participating in open government regional and global activities with a view to sharing New Zealand’s experience and learning from others.

Our open government programme is an aspect of the work being undertaken at a regional and national level to make government more open, transparent, responsive and accountable to citizens.

We are committed to continuously improving our engagement processes and the ambition of the commitments in successive National Action Plans.