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The Conversation about National Action Plan 4 Updated

Find out what people are saying here.

I Update

IRM Design Report Finalised

The State Services Commission advises that the IRM Design Report on the Third National Action Plan has been published by the OGP.

I Update

Covid-19 Update

The State Services Commission provides an update on plans for the development of the next National Action Plan in light of decisions of the OGP Steering Committee and Covid-19.

I Update

Update on Process to develop National Action Plan 2020-22

The State Services Commission provides further details on workshops that are planned to support the development of the next National Action Plan and an update on ideas that have been suggested.…

EAP and Official Group Minutes

Agendas and minutes of EAP and Officials Group meetings have been posted online and can be found at Expert Advisory Panel and Officials Group respectively.

I Update

Provide Ideas for Commitments in the OGP National Action Plan 2020-22

19 December  2019 – The State Services Commission is inviting people to submit ideas for possible inclusion in the Fourth NAP.

Developing the OGP National Action Plan 2020-22

2 December 2019  The State Services Commission is seeking your views on the proposed process to develop the OGP National Action Plan 2020-22. The process can be viewed here.

I Update

Progress reports for Third National Action Plan

The agencies leading commitments for Plan 2018-20 have provided progress updates as at the end of September 2019.

I Update

Appointments to the Expert Advisory Panel

Following a request for nominations we are delighted to announce that new members have joined the Expert Advisory Panel (EAP).

Commitment 8 - Review of government algorithms

The draft algorithm charter has been released for public consultation. The draft is available online here.

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