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New term of appointment for Expert Advisory Panel Members – 27 September 2018

We are delighted to announce that four Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) members have agreed to serve on EAP for a further two years: Anaru Fraser, Phil Newman, Rachel Roberts and...

I Update

Third National Action Plan Update - 20 September 2018

Draft National Action Plan You can read the draft National Action Plan above and give feedback on the Plan here.

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Second National Action Plan Update – 13 September 2018

The Second National Action Plan (2016-18) concluded on 29 June 2018. The final quarterly progress reports (March to June 2018) are available in the Resources section here.

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Third National Action Plan Update – 10 August 2018

The EAP met with officials on 8 August and have provided feedback on a first draft of the Third National Plan.

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OGP Third National Action Plan Update - 3 August 2018

Our last update has raised a few queries.

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National Action Plan Update - 31 July 2018

Since our last update, we've continued to work with the Expert Advisory Panel and officials on the third National Action Plan.

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National Action Plan Update - 19 July 2018

On Monday 2 July, the Expert Advisory Panel (EAP), officials and representatives from each of the workshops came together to work with the themes and explore options for potential commitments...

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National Action Plan Update - 27 June 2018

As you know from our last update, we received 449 ideas to consider for New Zealand’s third National Action Plan. Thanks once again to everyone who contributed.

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National Action Plan Update - 8 June 2018

The idea generation phase of the third National Action Plan has now come to a close.

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Workshops have now been held

We've now held four workshops for the development of ideas for New Zealand's third National Action Plan.

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