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OGPNZ Update: National Action Plan 4 consultation coming soon

What’s the latest with New Zealand's draft Fourth National Action Plan under the Open Government Partnership (OGP)? For details, read on.

National Action Plan News

Agency and Ministerial consultation on the draft Fourth National Action Plan (the Plan) was undertaken in late October and early November 2022. This step followed public workshops in mid-2022, and an intense period of work by civil society and agencies to finalise the draft Plan.

The draft Plan will be considered by Cabinet on 23 November 2022. With Cabinet’s agreement, the draft Plan will be published for a two-week period of public consultation during November/December 2022.

Your submissions and feedback matter. You can have your say on the draft Plan when it is published on this web page. We’ll have more details about the consultation in our next e-update and via Twitter.

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