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Open Government Partnership: Draft New Zealand’s Fourth National Action Plan - 2023-2024

Developing the Fourth National Action Plan

The Fourth National Action Plan was developed by the Multi-stakeholder Forum (MSF), consisting of the EAP and officials from the Commission’s open government partnership team. The development of the Fourth National Action Plan took place over three years due to time frames being formally extended as a result of COVID-19.

Public consultation and engagement on potential commitments was a core part of the development of the Plan and is discussed below. Following significant public workshops and engagement with civil society representatives in 2020 and 2021, in October 2021 the Minister for the Public Service identified four key themes for the Plan. Public workshops were then held on these themes and following this EAP, civil society organisations and officials met to discuss progress on fledging commitments. In November 2022 Cabinet agreed to the publication of the draft Plan for final public comment.