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Taking Action

Developing, implementing and reviewing a National Action Plan takes place over a two-year cycle. This means we will be implementing our last plan while a new plan is developed during the last six months of each cycle.

During implementation of a plan, the lead agency for each commitment reports progress to achieve commitment milestones. These reports are submitted to the Expert Advisory Panel and published on this website. 

We also complete two self-assessment reports. The mid-term self-assessment occurs after the first year of implementation and reflects on the process to draft that plan and early deliverables. At the end of the two-year cycle, the final self-assessment focuses on the final outcomes of the commitments and what we have learnt.

A further two reports are completed through OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) during the two-year cycle. The first is the IRM’s Mid-term Report, published approximately 18 months into the two-year cycle. It includes an analysis of the action plan, the action plan drafting process, and progress in implementing commitments at the midpoint of the two-year cycle. A key objective of this report is to recommend areas for improvement before countries publish their next action plan.

The IRM’s End-of-term Report focuses on the final results achieved in the second year of implementing the plan.