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Developing New Zealand’s fourth National Action Plan: Key phases and activities

December 2019 - Public input on draft process

Purpose: Collaborate to design the engagement process, raise awareness and build partnerships with community groups and officials.

  • Discuss draft plans with EAP and officials.
  • Targeted conversations with previous participants and the EAP.
  • Draft process available for public comment.
  • Website refresh. Information on upcoming process and updates on current commitments.

January - end March 2020 - Seeking ideas for commitments

Purpose: Continue the conversation on the basis of the three priorities for NAP3. Ideas to improve open government (in thematic areas) are collected via online and face to face engagement. Engagement tools support conversation about open government.

Hui (kanohi ki te Kanohi):

  • Go where the people are, attend planned hui (for example youth voice network meetings, UN Youth session, secondary school workshop). 
  • Hui planned in South Auckland, Central Auckland, Rotorua, Hutt Valley, Wellington, Christchurch, rural Canterbury and Dunedin – details will be published on OGP website.
  • Wellington civil society/public workshop. 
  • Library drop-in sessions. 


  • Themes and ideas available for all New Zealanders to view and comment.

April 2020 – Thematic workshops

Purpose: Refine and prioritise ideas, group ideas into themes. Test and refine potential commitments with public.

  • Initial discussion between public, and appropriate officials about ideas relating to each theme, refine ideas into priority areas.
  • Early discussion with officials about potential proposals.
  • Summary of workshops published for public comment.

April-May 2020 - First cut of plan

Purpose: Develop first cut of draft plan.

  • EAP, officials and the public refine proposals into Commitments and Milestones to develop the first draft of plan.
  • Draft commitments published for further discussion and feedback.

May 2020 - Feedback on drafts

  • Draft plan published for further discussion and comment.

June/July 2020 - Plan finalised

  • Proposed plan considered by Ministers.
  • Action Plan published, along with commentary on draft plan.

Throughout process

  • Documents associated with preparing the plan will be published throughout the process.
  • Listening, responding and learning - ongoing review based on public feedback.

How we will involve New Zealanders in the development of the plan

Proposed themes

We will use the themes from National Action Plan 3 as a conversation starter and welcome suggestions for commitments that fall outside these areas too.

Participation in Democracy

  • I know how to have my say and influence things that matter to me.
  • I understand what government is and does.


  • I can access services when they’re needed and they are responsive to my needs.
  • I can have a say about policies and the services that I use.

Transparency & accountability

  • I can see how and why government decisions are made.
  • I trust that my personal information is safe.

Summary of process:


The three priorities from NAP3 form a conversation starter for public engagement.


Collecting ideas about how to improve open government via online and face to face engagement.

Proposed IAP2 Approach: COLLABORATE: public conversations about open government and what is important to citizens – what they would like to see in the next plan.


Ideas sorted into thematic groups. All ideas available online for public comment.


Discuss and refine ideas relating to each theme to develop priority areas.

Opportunity for early discussion with officials about potential proposals.

Proposed IAP2 Approach: COLLABORATE: public and officials refine and prioritise the ideas into commitments.


Workshop to test proposals and refine them into potential commitments.

First cut of draft plan prepared.

Proposed IAP2 Approach: COLLABORATE: public and officials refine and prioritise the ideas into commitments.


Draft commitments and milestones published for public comment.

Proposed IAP2 Approach: CONSULT: Officials respond to public feedback when finalising the plan. Public feedback provided to Ministers along with final plan for their agreement.


Draft plan published for further discussion and comment, then refined based on feedback.

Ministers agree on final plan.

Proposed IAP2 Approach: INFORM: Provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision.