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Te Pātuinga Tuwhera o te Kāwanatanga Te Tuawhā o ngā Mahere Mahi ā-Motu o Aotearoa 2023-2024 | Open Government Partnership New Zealand’s Fourth National Action Plan 2023-2024

The Open Government Partnership Fourth National Action Plan includes 8 Commitments to support open government in New Zealand. The Plan was developed by representatives of civil society organisations and government agencies over 3 years.

Matakōrero Foreword 

I am very pleased to present New Zealand’s Fourth Open Government Partnership National Action Plan.

New Zealand has been a member of the Open Government Partnership for almost a decade now. The Open Government Partnership is based on the idea that an open government is more accessible, responsive, and accountable to its citizens. That improving the relationship between people and their government has long-term benefits for everyone. At a time when many countries are experiencing a decline in public trust, open government values are more relevant than ever.

Living in a country that has consistently performed highly in international rankings for public trust and confidence is no guarantee as to what our future may hold. An abiding theme of open government work is acknowledging that nothing stays the same. It is imperative to continue to embrace the challenge to do better in fostering transparency, accountability, and inclusion to improve how government serves its people and communities.

New Zealand has had its share of social disruption as well as health and environmental challenges in recent times. The country is now into its third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has been accompanied by some constraint on freedoms, which has attracted diverging views and unprecedented discord. This experience has highlighted how important public trust and confidence in government is, to both social cohesion and the social licence government needs to be able to serve its people well.

As a government, we remain committed to developing a just and inclusive society. This means taking the opportunity to improve Māori-Crown relationships and doing better in recognising the role of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in government policy and services. The Public Service is playing a critical role in supporting government to navigate this change.

The commitments in this National Action Plan reflect the input and views of the public and civil society and the desire for government and non-government to work together to improve the lives of New Zealanders.

In engaging with New Zealanders when developing this National Action Plan, we heard about where the government could do better. There has been a strong call for the Public Service to improve its engagement capability and to provide communities with opportunities to contribute to the development of government policy and services that affect them.

I would like to thank all of those who have been involved in the development of this National Action Plan. Those involved includes the many individuals, communities, civil society organisations, Public Service agency officials and Expert Advisory Panel members who have provided valuable input and perspectives for this Plan over many months and, in some cases, years.


Hon Chris Hipkins

Minister for the Public Service

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