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National Action Plan 2018 - 21 End-of-term Self-assessment November 2021 FINAL

Peer Exchange and Learning

Stats NZ and Transparency International involvement in Leaders Forum

Innovative leadership and significant progress on work on government algorithmic transparency led to Stats NZ and civil society partner Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) being invited to join the Leaders Network pilot run by the Open Government Partnership in October 2020.

Work on algorithmic transparency fulfils part of the New Zealand Government’s commitment to the Open Government Partnership NAP3. In support of this commitment, the Algorithm Assessment Report was delivered in 2018. Following that, the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand was launched in July 2020.

Stats NZ is committed to fulfilling its obligations as a member of the Leadership Network. To date Stats NZ have engaged with other governments and organisations to share learnings. This includes presenting alongside TINZ at RightsCon 2021 where there was a high level of interest from governments and civil society organisations in the Charter. Stats NZ and TINZ are also looking at how they can work together to bring the government’s work on algorithmic transparency to a broader audience, and develop our understanding of civil society’s views on government algorithmic transparency and how the Charter contributes to this.

The Leaders Network is designed to give voice and momentum to open government reformers and pioneers, and inspire governments and civil society organisations across the Partnership to advance thematic areas. Leaders consist of teams (e.g. ministries, secretariats and departments) in governments working in collaboration with civil society, which together have a track record of delivery on a specific and ambitious reform agenda.

International OGP Commitments

New Zealand has supported, and been supported by, the international OGP community through informal peer conversations, for example Scotland has provided some really useful assistance with the OGP tool.