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OGP Update for March 2022

Welcome to our latest Open Government Partnership (OGP) update on New Zealand’s 2018-2021 Transitional Results Report, and progress on the fourth National Action Plan.

Final Transitional Results Report 
In February, we alerted you that OGP's Independent Reporting Mechanism Transitional Results Report on New Zealand’s third National Action Plan was available for public comment.

The final report was published on 9 March, along with comments received on the consultation version. To see the report, click here.

This report looks at the results from the 2018-21 Plan’s commitments as at the end of the Plan cycle.

Developing the next National Action Plan
Workshops with our Expert Advisory Panel (EAP), civil society groups (CSOs) and government agencies on the fourth National Action Plan will now start in April.

These are looking in more detail at the four focus areas agreed with the Minister last year: access to and usability of public information, enabling participation by individuals and groups, government use of data and personal information, and information to support financial accountability of the government. We’ve also been working with the EAP and CSOs on our prioritisation frameworks and increasing participation.
We’ll publish notes from the workshops on the OGP New Zealand website.