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How a Plan is Developed

Engaging a range of citizens and community groups is an important part of developing a National Action Plan. This ensures we get the views of as many New Zealanders as possible to to shape the plan. We do this by inviting a wide range of individuals and groups that represent the interests of New Zealanders to participate in the development of the plan.

We will be talking about open government through social media, at different events around the country, and through our dedicated online forum. This will mean New Zealanders are able to add their voices to the conversation and join our online discussions.

These discussions will lead to workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with groups and individuals that have signed up.

From these workshops, we'll be holding a synthesis session where we will work with invited attendees, including officials from government agencies to distil the ideas generated online and discussed at the workshops. These ideas will then be developed into recommended actions and provided to Ministers and the Cabinet for consideration.

The actions that are then agreed to by Cabinet will form the National Action Plan that is finalised and submitted to the Open Government Partnership.

For more information about how to run an OGP Event read the OGP Event Kit 2018