We will ensure the Budget process is open and transparent and there is an accountable process for public participation.

Objective: To promote public discussion/debate and participation through accessibility of the budget and include relevant groups outside of government in the formative phase of the Budget, ensuring they are informed about the process and issues.


Status quo: The Budget can be perceived as a closed process between agencies and the Government and information is not regarded as accessible. The Government has begun work to ensure that Budgets become focused on outcomes for citizens rather than funding for agencies.


Ambition: Making the Budget more accessible will promote discussion and debate. It will help ensure that central government spending is open and transparent. It will enhance public participation and confidence in the Budget process.


Lead agency: The Treasury


Timeline: October 2016 – May 2018


OGP values: Access to information, civic participation, public accountability, technology and information.


Progress reports

Commitment 1 progress report: March to May 2017 (PDF, 100KB)

Commitment 1 progress report: June to August 2017 (PDF, 123KB)



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