We will build a flexible and enduring platform for engagement between the New Zealand government and New Zealand communities around the Open Government Partnership.

Objective: To ensure that government and communities are able to engage on open government topics using a variety of stable methods – including online platforms and face-to-face meetings and other forums – as part of a wider engagement plan.  


Status quo: In facilitating the development of New Zealand’s National Action Plan for the OGP the State Services Commission (SSC) has built an online platform to engage with New Zealand communities, using both government tools and software provided by an independent vendor. The SSC wants to build on this to improve engagement over the life of the next action plan. It is also supported in its work by an independent Expert Advisory Panel and a government officials group. The SSC intends to expand the ways people can get involved over the duration of the plan.


Ambition: The SSC is committed to building a stable, fit-for-purpose platform for New Zealanders to engage with their government, using the technology and channels that people expect to use in a modern society. It will work toward ways of managing New Zealand’s participation in OGP that will reflect a spirit of co-creation with communities.


Lead agency: State Services Commission


Timeline: October 2016 – June 2018


OGP values: Access to information, civic participation, technology and information.


Progress reports

Commitment 5 progress report: March to May 2017 (PDF, 96KB)

Commitment 5 progress report: June to August 2017 (PDF, 113KB)




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