We will improve access to legislation by ensuring there is a single source for this information online.

Objective: To improve access to legislation by publishing all subordinate instruments (regardless of who drafts them) on the New Zealand Legislation (NZL) website.  The result will be a single, comprehensive, official, public source of all New Zealand’s legislation.


Status quo: There is no single place where people can see all of New Zealand’s legislation. All Acts of Parliament are published in full on the NZL website. Subordinate instruments (often referred to as regulations) are made under the delegated law-making authority of Parliament. Those that are drafted by the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) are called legislative instruments and are also published in full on the NZL website. Those that are drafted by government departments and agencies, and by other non-governmental bodies, are published either in the Gazette or on a variety of different websites, in newspapers or are not readily available to the public. This has a direct impact on the cost of doing business in New Zealand, people’s ability to comply with the law, and people’s rights.


Ambition: We are committed to improving access to legislation – access to the law is central to the rule of law, and people expect easy access to legislation.


Lead agency: Parliamentary Counsel Office


Timeline: October 2016 – June 2018


OGP values: Access to information, civic participation, public accountability, technology and information.


Progress reports

Commitment 6 progress report: March to May 2017 (PDF, 97KB)

Commitment 6 progress report: June to August 2017 (PDF, 116KB)



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