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Third National Action Plan 2018-2020

New Zealand’s third National Action Plan is under development. 

On Monday 2 July, the Expert Advisory Panel (EAP), officials and representatives from each of the workshops came together to work with the themes and explore options for potential commitments in the next National Action Plan.

On Wednesday 11 July the EAP and officials met again to continue that work.  Through those conversations, three areas of focus for the plan have been agreed.  Those are participation in democracy, collaboration to develop policy and services, and transparency and accountability.

During April and May 2018 New Zealanders contributed 449 ideas, posted on-line and developed at workshops, to contribute to the next Action Plan. The ideas have been grouped into themes by the Expert Advisory Panel working with officials. You can see the themes, ideas linked to themes and flip charts from the workshops in May 2018 here:

Development Timeline

April – May 2018

You can talk to us through social media (Twitter and LinkedIn), post ideas on our online discussion forum and register to attend one of the workshops.

The deadline for posting your ideas is 31 May 2018.  This will ensure your ideas can contribute to development of commitments in the next National Action Plan.

June – July 2018

You will able to comment on the themes and ideas that have emerged from the workshops over this period.

We will be working with representatives from interested groups and from the workshops, as well as officials from government agencies, to distil the ideas into draft commitments for consideration by responsible Ministers and Cabinet.

August – September 2018

The plan will be finalised and we will be preparing for implementation.