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Second National Action Plan

New Zealand's second National Action Plan was developed in 2016 and is still being implemented. It was developed over a six week period and is due to be fully implemented by June 2018.

Key commitments

The second National Action Plan consisted of seven commitments covering:

  • Open Budget
  • Improving official information practices
  • Improving open data access and principles
  • Tracking progress and outcomes of open government data release
  • Ongoing engagement for OGP
  • Improving access to legislation
  • Improving policy practices.


The second National Action Plan can be read online below:

The second National Action Plan's Mid-term Self Assessment can be read online at the State Services Commission website below:

The Independent Reporting Mechanism's Draft Mid-term Report for New Zealand's first National Action Plan has now been published and can be read online at the Open Government Partnership International website below: