You can download the National Action Plan 2016-18 (PDF, 402 KB), which was updated in June 2017. In the updated version, some milestone dates for Commitments 3 and 4 were changed following public consultation, while all other aspects of the plan remain the same as the original (PDF, 262 KB).


You can find the Cabinet paper (PDF, 628 KB) and Cabinet minute (PDF, 461 KB) approving this action plan, which have been proactively released.



Foreword from the State Services Commissioner 
Commitment 1: Open Budget
Commitment 2: Improving official information practices 
Commitment 3: Improving open data access and principles 
Commitment 4: Tracking progress and outcomes of open government data release
Commitment 5: Ongoing engagement for OGP 
Commitment 6: Improving access to legislation 
Commitment 7: Improving policy practices 
Appendix A – Plan development and engagement.


ISBN 978-0-478-43465-1 (Online)


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