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Third National Action Plan Update - 20 September 2018

Draft National Action Plan You can read the draft National Action Plan above and give feedback on the Plan here.

Second National Action Plan Update – 13 September 2018

The Second National Action Plan (2016-18) concluded on 29 June 2018. The final quarterly progress reports (March to June 2018) are available in the Resources section here.

Third National Action Plan Update – 10 August 2018

The EAP met with officials on 8 August and have provided feedback on a first draft of the Third National Plan.

OGP Third National Action Plan Update - 3 August 2018

Our last update has raised a few queries.

National Action Plan Update - 31 July 2018

Since our last update, we've continued to work with the Expert Advisory Panel and officials on the third National Action Plan.

National Action Plan Update - 19 July 2018

On Monday 2 July, the Expert Advisory Panel (EAP), officials and representatives from each of the workshops came together to work with the themes and explore options for potential commitments...

National Action Plan Update - 27 June 2018

As you know from our last update, we received 449 ideas to consider for New Zealand’s third National Action Plan. Thanks once again to everyone who contributed.

National Action Plan Update - 8 June 2018

The idea generation phase of the third National Action Plan has now come to a close.

Workshops have now been held

We've now held four workshops for the development of ideas for New Zealand's third National Action Plan.

Open Government Partnership Workshop dates and locations confirmed

Registrations are now open for the Open Government Partnership Workshops.

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